Upgrade Your Landscaping


J&S Lawn Maintenance utilizes all the latest installation techniques available to the landscape industry. You can rest assured, that when we are on the job, no corners are being cut. We are capable of installing new annual or perennial beds, sod, trees, shrubs, and some hardscapes.
We pride ourselves on the work we perform, and all of our work is always guaranteed. We are not happy with your landscape, until you are. Listed below are a few guidelines we follow:

• Proper plant selection for the climate;
• Plants with the same water needs grouped in the same irrigation zone.
• Plants appropriately located in a relation to other plants, structures, hardscapes and exposures to ensure extra maintenance needed
• Appropriate planting practices-for example, dig a hole for plants that is twice as wide and as deep as the root ball of the plant.

Over the years we have developed many long standing relationships with many of our customers, and have kept in touch with them to be sure they are still satisfied with everything we have done for them. Many of our previous customers have been sure to rehire us to perform their landscape projects when they moved to another location.

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